The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black


Moti Shapira is a private investigator with offices located in Los Angeles, California . His work takes him to places across the globe. His second book ‘The Woman in Black,' is a collection of eleven breath-taking and suspenseful stories, which keep the reader continuously riveted and surprised.  

With openness, sensitivity and most of all the knowledge of a professional-Shapira expresses the daily challenges of an international private investigator, including the dilemmas he faces regularly when balancing his obligation to his clients verse his moral and civil obligations toward the preservation of the law.

‘The Woman in Black' gives the reader a rare opportunity to peak into the private world of the investigator, Ethan Eshed, and reveals secrets from behind the scenes of one of the most unique and mysterious of all professions: How is a case managed? How is information gathered? What human and technological tools are necessary? Are there “red lines,” or does anything go?  

These questions and many more are answered as Shapira provides his audience with insight through compelling stories that take place in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Israel.