A Gun for Every Hand

A Gun for Every Hand


The "A Gun for Every Hand" manual includes important information on more than 98 professions and 44 handguns with prices ranging from $300 to $2,150.

All major professions are included from A to Z: Accountant to Zoologist. This manual presents information that is easy to read, in a format linking your profession to the gun most ideal for your specific needs. Considerations discussed include items such as affordability and performance. 

Designed to provide the practical advice necessary when purchasing the gun you desire, this book does not simply define the "best" universal gun, but rather recommends a gun most suitable for an individual based on specific criteria as defined by the author. 

The variety of guns introduced here are among the most highly recommended. This list does not however, begin to complete the list of all of the guns available for purchase in its entirety. 

If a gun that you like does not appear in the list of recommended guns for you to purchase, it does not intend to imply that it is not a quality gun.