Angel in a Foreign City

Angel in a Foreign City


Private Investigators are a unique breed-living most of their life "like a movie"-somewhere between reality and fantasy, and somewhere between the sky and earth. 

Based on real life events and autobiographical stories, "Angel in a Foreign City ," tells the sad and emotional story of a kidnapping entwined with a unique love story and heroic acts. 

Situated in the beautiful historical district of Mexico City, the touching story of love, relationships, betrayal and violence unfolds. 

Ethan Eshed, a Los Angeles based private investigator, is hired by a Mexico City business tycoon, Señor Diego Dual, to help with the rescue of his kidnapped daughter Carmen. 

Surrounded by personal foes and business rivals, Señor Diego Dual puts the fate of his daughter in the hands of Ethan. 

Lisa, a beautiful young Mexican college student from an extremely conservative family, is drawn into the story both by the force of her desire to become a law enforcement officer and her affection for Ethan.

The complication of working in a foreign city, with language and cultural barriers, causes the bond between Ethan and Lisa to strengthen. Struggling through hardships and setbacks, while overcoming despair, Ethan and Lisa work their way through a hostile environment with tight deadlines to expose the kidnappers, their collaborators and to bring the case to a successful conclusion. 

During the climax of the story the newly discovered love is put to a test as it clashes with the attempt to save Carmen, all leading to a violent, yet touching ending.