Like most young starlets, Stephanie Simmons moved to Hollywood to pursue fame and fortune. Stephanie, however, finds herself working as a clerk, trapped in an unbearable marriage -- far from the life of glamour she had envisioned. A turn of events leads Stephanie to begin studying Islam, where she becomes obsessed with learning more about the culture. Her attraction to Islam is reinforced by her passionate desire for her professor, whom she falls in love with. Upon sharing her plans to travel to Iran, Stephanie is surprised when her mother emphatically objects. Even more perplexing, the CIA becomes involved in dissuading her from traveling. Great complications unfold and Stephanie soon discovers that she is at the center of a stormy espionage affair. Realizing that her “monotonous” life has really been a tangled web of deceit, Stephanie has to unravel her own mystery. 

Path of Lies will thrill you at every page, while offering an exceptional glimpse into the daily life and difficulties in Iran, facing the shadow that threatens the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Path of Lies is the third novel by author Moti Shapira, who anchors his writing in the realities of his own real-life experiences in covert operations. Moti began his career as an undercover detective for the Central Unit of Investigation in the Israeli Police Force, and continues to serve with a special undercover counter-terrorism unit on the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). He currently uses his expertise to train police and military intelligence units in various countries throughout the world, and conducts private investigations for his clients worldwide.


Moti Shapira is a private investigator with offices located in Los Angeles, California . His work takes him to places across the globe. His second book ‘The Woman in Black,' is a collection of eleven breath-taking and suspenseful stories, which keep the reader continuously riveted and surprised.  

With openness, sensitivity and most of all the knowledge of a professional-Shapira expresses the daily challenges of an international private investigator, including the dilemmas he faces regularly when balancing his obligation to his clients verse his moral and civil obligations toward the preservation of the law.

‘The Woman in Black' gives the reader a rare opportunity to peak into the private world of the investigator, Ethan Eshed, and reveals secrets from behind the scenes of one of the most unique and mysterious of all professions: How is a case managed? How is information gathered? What human and technological tools are necessary? Are there “red lines,” or does anything go?  

These questions and many more are answered as Shapira provides his audience with insight through compelling stories that take place in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Israel.


Private Investigators are a unique breed-living most of their life "like a movie"-somewhere between reality and fantasy, and somewhere between the sky and earth. 

Based on real life events and autobiographical stories, "Angel in a Foreign City ," tells the sad and emotional story of a kidnapping entwined with a unique love story and heroic acts. 

Situated in the beautiful historical district of Mexico City, the touching story of love, relationships, betrayal and violence unfolds. 

Ethan Eshed, a Los Angeles based private investigator, is hired by a Mexico City business tycoon, Señor Diego Dual, to help with the rescue of his kidnapped daughter Carmen. 

Surrounded by personal foes and business rivals, Señor Diego Dual puts the fate of his daughter in the hands of Ethan. 

Lisa, a beautiful young Mexican college student from an extremely conservative family, is drawn into the story both by the force of her desire to become a law enforcement officer and her affection for Ethan.

The complication of working in a foreign city, with language and cultural barriers, causes the bond between Ethan and Lisa to strengthen. Struggling through hardships and setbacks, while overcoming despair, Ethan and Lisa work their way through a hostile environment with tight deadlines to expose the kidnappers, their collaborators and to bring the case to a successful conclusion. 

During the climax of the story the newly discovered love is put to a test as it clashes with the attempt to save Carmen, all leading to a violent, yet touching ending.


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